FDI Approval Process

Promoter submits FDI Registration Application Form (FDIRAF - www.moea.gov.bt) along with name clearance obtained from the Registrar of Companies.
FDI Division reviews the FDIRAF.
Based on information submitted, FDI Registration Certificate (FDIRC) is issued. Division asks the promoter to submit the Business Plan (BP)
Division receives and reviews the BP. Department of industry (Dol) receives sectoral/ location/ environmental clearances (wherever relevant) from the issuing agency or the promoter.
Dol (priority activities - www.moea.gov.bt/downloadfile/FDI2012.pdf - Schedule I & II) / Project Approval Committee (other activities) discusses the BP and sectoral clearances, and gives decision.
Department issues final approval.
Promoter obtains the Business License from the Regional Trade & Industry Office within three months
Promoter may resubmit the FDIRAF with appropriate changes.
Inform promoter accordingly.
Promoter registers/ incorporates the business with the Registrar of Companies.
Promoter may resubmit business proposal with appropriate changes.
Inform promoter accordingly.
Note: Foreign Direct Investment into both new and existing projects must follow the above processes