Negative List

SI.# Activity
1. Media and Broadcasting
2. Distribution services including wholesale, retail and micro trade
3. Mining for sale of minerals in primary or raw form
4. Hotel 3 star and below
5. General Health Services
6. Industries that do not meet the Certificate of Origin requirement
7. Activities in the Prohibited List


Prohibited List

SI.# Activity
1. Activities that violate any relevant laws of the Kingdom of Bhutan
2. Activities that threaten national security and public order
3. Activities that has harmful effects on public health, environment and Bhutanese morals and culture
4. Arms, ammunitions and explosives
5. Production of hazardous chemicals (as per the restricted list of NEC)
6. Activities based on imported waste
7. Production, display and sale of Pornographic materials
8. Gambling and Betting
9. Tobacco and tobacco based products